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Aibo is a place where creators and fans connect.
Creators can easily create, design and mint their personal NFTs.
Fans can buy and trade those NFTs and gain membership benefits from creators.


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Enjoy unlimited access to exclusive benefits


Trade the NFTs on the secondary market

Our Team

Aibo is developed by a team of experts with a solid background in blockchain and software development from large global startups companies.


Collection of FAQs surrounding Aibo

What is the Blockchain?

At its core, blockchain is an open distributeddigital ledger that stores data and records cryptocurrency transactions, NFTownership, or DeFi smart contracts in code.

What is Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is decentralized digital moneythat’s based on blockchain technology.The most popular cryptocurrencies are Bitcoin& Ethereum, but many different cryptocurrencies are in circulation.

How Long Will It Take For The NFT to Show Up In My Wallet?

It may take a couple of hours.

When is the Public Sale?

The public sale will be available on OpenSea right after the minting isover for whoever missed minting. Anyone can trade the NFTs.

Can I buy more than one Aibo card at the mint?

Each buyer is limited to only two cards.

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